Usui Reiki – Distance Healing

Reiki Distance Healing is also known as Reiki Absent Healing.Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers and it creates and promotes self-healing, balances energies and revitalizes.
Distance healing is the process of sending Reiki to a person in the next room or to the other side of the planet, to help heal in the same way that Reiki helps when it’s performed in person. How Is Distance Healing Possible? The process is very simple! You can receive distance healing no matter where in the world you are in relation to your Reiki Practitioner viagra satış. It’s only in our physical world that there are such things as time and distance. With regards to energy, we simply intend to connect with each other and we are in the same ‘space’. Reiki is equally powerful as a remote energy healing technique when compared to Reiki hands-on energy healing treatments. Reiki practitioners can remotely direct Reiki over a distance to any person, animal, object or situation. The applications and uses of distance Reiki are infinite and always positive. Session lasts for 30 to 45 minutes