Deep Dive into Chakra Healing

Deep Dive into Chakra Healing

What is Chakra?
“Chakra” is a Sanskrit term and refers to an energy vortex of varied speeds and color which works at various levels throughout the body. Although there are many chakras in the human body however 7 major chakras are identified to be responsible for our overall well being in our daily lives. These are located along the length of the spine. These chakras interact with the physical body through each endocrine gland and are responsible for nourishment of our vital organs. Each Chakra pushes vital life force energy through the body to ensure vitality.

Who should attend?
For anybody who wants to experience their Bliss body and wants to remove the root causes of suffering. Deep emotional, mental and physical blocks will be released in this workshop, giving more joy, space and freedom in your life.

Course Contents

  • An Introduction Energy System- 7 major chakras
  • Functions of the Energy Body
  • Understand the Spiritual, Psychological, Physiological functions about 7 major chakras
  • Understand if the chakras are balanced
  • Learn how to heal and balance the chakras with different techniques like reiki, meditations and crystals

Practical Work – Chakra meditations and healing

What’s included:

  • Course teachings
  • Course manual & material
  • Certification
  • Lunch, Tea,Water

Bonus Add-ons

  • Free 2 months of hand-holding for practical implementation of the learnings
  • Join the Whats app group of like minded people
  • Attend knowledge sharing and experience sharing sessions with the like minded people at discounted price

Benefits to you after learning Chakra Healing

  • Faster and greater ability to heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues
  • Transforms your weakness into strengths
  • Release any blockages that you have
  • Allows you to know your inner self
  • Allows you to express and release emotions in a healthy manner


  • 16 years and above


  • An Open mind to learn new things

Limited Seats

Duration:  Group Session or Personal session will be of 4 to 5 hours duration

About Trainer Poonam Jain
Poonam Jain is an International Trainer and has more than 20 years of experience in Energy, Spiritual and Reiki healing. Her spiritual journey with Energy healing began in 1998, which led her to new paths of self discovery and learning. Realizing that her passion and gift in life was positivity, spirituality and happiness, she established Nideeshwaram Healing in 2000, through which she aims to inspire others to find inner Happiness and live life in the positive lane, through coaching and workshops.

Poonam brings her passion, enthusiasm and healing presence into each and every Energy healing class she teaches. She is passionate about her work and has helped lot of people transform, heal and evolve their life’s.

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