Our Experienced Trainer

Poonam Jain

About Poonam Jain

Poonam Jain has more than 15 years of experience in Energy, Spiritual and Reiki healing. Her spiritual journey with Energy healing began in 1998, which led her to new paths of self discovery and learning. Realizing that her passion and gift in life was positivity, spirituality and happiness, she established Nideeshwaram Healing in 2000, through which she aims to inspire others to find inner Happiness and live life in the positive lane, through coaching and workshops.
Poonam brings her passion, enthusiasm and healing presence into each and every Energy healing class she teaches. She is passionate about her work and has helped lot of people transform, heal and evolve their life’s.


• Certified Usui Reiki Master from Centre of Cosmic Energy Studies, India
• Crystal healer from Centre of Cosmic Energy Studies, India & World Pranic Healing Foundation, Philippines
• Pranic healer from World Pranic Healing Foundation, Philippines
• NLP Practitioner , India
• Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Guide from Global Sciences Institute , USA
• Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from International Sports Sciences Association(ISSA),USA


• Reiki Healing
• Crystal Healing
• Pranic Psychotherapy
• Pranic Healing
• Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)
• Guidance on achieving your goals and dreams using the Law of Attraction Principles
• Personalised Nutrition/Diet Counselling for General Fitness, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Fat Loss,
Muscle Gain