“A good healing service, after taking the treatment from Nideeshwaram Healing my health has improved considerably”. – Vinu

"With the Reiki treatment, I'm feeling really wonderful. It's like being a child again, in the best ways of course! I'm noticing many old negative patterns of behaviour disappearing. Patterns I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to change for years. Especially with my close relationships. It’s really amazing." - Rajashri

“Hi . Yesterday I had 1st healing session from you. I had a sound sleep after that. I slept for almost 16 hours. I am not having headache or acidity issues, these were the problems I was ailing with since last few years. Thanks for your healing session. I am feeling relaxed and fresh. Thank you once again” – Neha

"New Opening or may be New Thought Process got for Life !!!" - Swati

"After the Reiki Level 1 Course feeling very positive" - Aarti

"I can feel Change and Peace in my life. With more practice I will be able to bring more changes in my life and those who are around me" - Sangeeta

"I could feel the energy and difference within me. Feel Great and Relaxed" - Meenu

"I could feel the sensations in my body and could feel the energy flowing through. Its an awesome experience.Thank You so much" - Akshay

"After the healing session, I am feeling light headed.. My thought process seems to be refined... I can easily control stream of my thoughts.. Random muscle twitches are reduced.. Neck pain is miraculously gone., Mild headache and I did not take sleeping pills last night, Easy and peaceful sleep in the night. Thanks a lot." - Omkar